Qugu show in Newyork summer fancy food exhibition and met customer of the America 屈姑集团赴美参加纽约夏季食品展会并拜访相关客户



  From June 5th to July 14th, 2018, the foreign trade team, headed by Dong Xiaoli, vice president of Hubei Qugu International Agriculture Group, attended in USA New York Summer Fancy Food Exhibition. On the show, many customers and friends visited Qugu booth. Old and new products such as canned mandarin oranges, canned yellow peaches, canned vegetables and fruits, dried orange slices and candied orange peel were presented to potential buyers. The scale, high degree of automation, beautiful environment of qugu factories, as well as delicious fruits and vegetable samples were all praised by visitors. Some buyers were especially interested in canned mandarin oranges and dried orange slices, they extended interest to come to China and visit Qugu for potential business .
  After the exhibition, Mrs. Dong and the team visited dozens of customers in Colombia, Mexico and the United States. The results were obvious and the cooperation intention was basically reached. Qugu group is confident in this year's canned peach and canned mandarin orange market.